The Company

The Company was founded in 1932 in Tripoli.

Main activity was the treatment of Greek coffee.

With respect to the art and the tradition of roasting we create refined Greek coffee since then. Over the years our company extended to other activities, such as the production of the new trend of coffee that called espresso.

We started in 1999 with the decision to offer to the consumer a unique quality coffee. So, we carefully choose exceptional quality of coffee beans from selective varieties, directly from farms of south and central America and from farms of Africa.

Roasting is done with last technology equipment and the result is a coffee that combine perfectly rich flavor and unique fragrance.

With many awards in space of coffee our company is from the first that took the SPECIALITY certification.

Also, our production extended to the processing of other products such as filter coffee, decaffeinated coffee , instant coffee and American coffee.

Our company also has exceptional drinks, one of these is our chocolate, with high content of cocoa and rich flavor of chocolate, ideal for hot and cold drinks. The fredoccino and the oreoccino complete our tasty beverages.

Our products stored excellent in our company in ideal temperature and humidity conditions.

Our company occupies 1200 square meters in industrial area of Tripoli.

We are at your disposal.
Thank you.